North Perth Psychology Centre is committed to strengthening families, individuals, and our community by championing mental health and wellbeing through  a holistic approach including prevention, education, and counselling.

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Clinical Director of North Perth Psychology Centre. Donna has over 13 years clinical experience


“People have the extraordinary and innate ability to heal themselves coded within. The moment one commits themselves to be their own champion they take the first step to unlock their own unique potential”.  


Donna Stambulich is Clinical Director and Founder of North Perth Psychology Centre. Donna has over 13 years clinical experience in the treatment of alcohol and other substance abuse and misuse disorders, co morbidity, trauma and general psychological disorders. Other areas of interest include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, attachment and the treatment of emotional distress resulting from grief. 

Donna is also a published academic in the area of Second Families, Child Support and the Family Court System. Donna has recently completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology, researching Vicarious Trauma amongst AOD clinicians.

Donna’s therapeutic approach is to provide a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere in which people can feel safe to explore the nature and meaning of their present difficulties, and so find effective ways to resolve them.

Donna utilises clinically proven and evidence-based therapies. Different treatment approaches are used to best suit the client and their goals. The type of treatment provided can range from brief, focused treatment for acute symptoms or problems, to more long-term therapy for entrenched personality, relationship or coping issues. Therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness Based Skills and Schema Therapy.

Specialties & Interests

Donna can assist you with child, adult and adolescent mental health issues including:
Alcohol and Drug Addictions

Screen and Gaming Addictions

Depression and Anxiety


Stress Management

Anger Issues
Grief and Loss

Self Esteem
Personal Growth and Emotional Wellbeing  



Associate of NPPC/ Registered Psychologist 

Amanda is a registered Psychologist with experience in the assessment and treatment of a range of psychological issues. She uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to meet clients needs and therapy goals encompassing cognitive behavioural, emotion focused, attachment based and trauma therapies. Amanda focuses on establishing a strong therapeutic and collaborative relationship with her clients, alongside the provision of evidence-based treatment that considers a person’s psychological needs. She strives to support clients to feel connected  and empowered in the therapy process and encourages consideration of all aspects of individual wellness. 

Specialties and Interests

Amanda can assist you with a range of child and adult mental health including:




Stress and burnout

Self-esteem and confidence

Child social-emotional difficulties

Child resilience and protective behaviours

Parent-child relationship concerns